Expert IT Support Services in North London

Desktop Support, Managed IT Services and Colocation Services from North London's IT Experts

No matter how your business' IT services are currently arranged, on a single site or across multiple locations, our range of managed IT support and colocation services will keep your network, systems and services running smoothly. Whether you require hands-on support to set up or maintain your IT network, or you're looking for a server system to handle multiple locations, our experts will ensure all your requirements are met.


Managed IT Services


Whatever your business needs, our managed IT services will be tailored to deliver. We make use of the latest technologies and ideas to create a range of IT service solutions across London for a huge range of clients. From initial network installations to ongoing support, our IT services will keep downtime and IT admin to a minimum, allowing you to focus on running your business.


Desktop Support Services


Our desktop support services will ensure that all of your computers – whether you use Mac or PC – are properly set up and fully functional. We provide a range of round-the-clock email, telephone support and remote network monitoring as well as site visits when required. Rest assured, no matter what your network needs, our experts will be on-hand to help.


Colocation Services


Our colocation services include a range of server, network and data support services, designed to keep your IT systems functioning efficiently across any number of locations. We're able to provide off-site rack space, power, data storage, and resilient high speed data services as required. For a bespoke, tailored colocation solution, contact us and request a quote.


Virtual Data Centre (VDC)


If you need the functionality of a full data centre, our Virtual Data Centre (VDC) provides you with all the storage and applications to meet your IT infrastructure requirements. You will also have access to a range of cloud service offerings, enabling remote working at various locations for employees to access the tools and data they need.


Structured Cabling


As part of our managed IT services, TWC can also provide you with a range of cabling and fibre services, including fibre back bone delivery, and CAT5 and CAT6 structured cabling, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

For more information on any of the managed IT support services in Barnet and North London or colocation services that TransWorldCom provides, contact our team today on 08000 248 900.